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Craftmanship & Sustainability

We are aware of the impact of the fashion industry in terms of environmental pollution and we believe it is crucial to work together and do our best to achieve a more sustainable and etichal cycle of production and consumption of goods.

We source our fabrics and yarns from eco friendly fabric companies in Italy, that promote environmental responsibility and have an excellent track record in terms of innovative environmental policies.
We promote and encourage a conscious and responsible purchase of products. We believe in slow production as a way to transform the fashion industry into a more ethical and sustainable world.

We empower and support local artisan studios launched by women on the Italian island of Sardinia. Every piece of our collection is a piece with a soul and a purpose. It is a unique journey of creation: from the hand-made designs to the precious touch of our experienced couturiers, to the beauty of handmade heritage embroidery created by our Maistras artisans, through traditional Sardinian filigree jewelry, to You!

We can all make a difference when we decide to invest in a high-quality product that will stay with you for long, a garment with a soul that you will be happy to wear for many years to come when you choose to support local artisans studios in preserving and nurturing traditional craftsmanship skills that are slowly disappearing in the face of fast fashion.

We do our best to make sure that our packaging is as much eco-friendly as possible. Each piece of our collection is presented to you in a complimentary reusable pochette created by Sardinian artisans with natural fabrics.