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A Sardinian Story

Ïstellas Luxe Couture is an exclusive swim and resort concept wear inspired by the traditional dresses and jewels of the women of the Italian island of Sardinia.
Vibrantly colorful, adorned with rich embroidery and precious jewelry, these unique garments represent people’s bond with their origins and celebrate Sardinian cultural identity.

Ïstellas is the story of a journey through the millenary traditions of Sardinia. A journey through its extraordinary natural beauties and its historic villages. A journey enriched and made remarkable by the passion of our Maistras: expert women embroiderers and couturières who continue to nurture and protect their heritage craftsmanship skills.
Ïstellas embodies the excellence and uniqueness of Made in Italy. Our collections are designed and handmade in Sardinia by local artisan studios with luxury Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and yarns.
Each garment is rare and made exclusive by precious features such as Sardinian silver filigree buttons, lace trims, elaborated embroideries, which are hand-made using technics that have been handed down from mother to daughter throughout the centuries.
Our swimwear is designed to celebrate the beauty of women’s natural body shape and to express their personality.

Ïstellas’ collections are a work of art with a soul, a jewel for you to cherish. A poem that speaks to you about the passion, determination and savoir-faire of our Maistras.

Ïstellas is a tribute to contemporary women. To their powerful Stories. To their empowering Vision. To their determination in making the difference in these challenging times.